Monday, April 4, 2011

Clearing a Student's Attempt on a Test

Students may get "kicked  out" of a test for several reasons, such as loss of the Internet connection or accidentally closing Blackboard. If the test is set to "Force Complete" the student will not be able to access the test to finish and submit the attempt. . When this happens, it is up to the instructors to re-set the attempt so that a student can retake the test from the beginning.
  1. From the Grade Center on your Control Panel click the Smart View for Tests.
    Smart View for Tests located under the Grade Center

  2. An “In Progress” icon will appear in the test cell to the right of the student’s name. 
    An "In Progress" icon in a Grade Center cell
  3. Click the chevron and select the Attempt Date to view the attempt details.
    An "In Progress" Attempt

  4. Click the Test Information link near the top of the screen.
    The "Test Information" link

  5. Click the Clear Attempt button.
    The "Clear Attempt" button

  6. A confirmation window will pop open.  Click OK.
Please note: once a student’s attempt has been cleared, all data affiliated with that attempt will be permanently deleted.

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